Podcast – Tom Lydon Featured on Capital Allocators With Ted Seides Podcast

Tom Lydon Featured on Capital Allocators With Ted Seides Podcast

June 11, 2018 // 1 hr 3 min // SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE:


Parachute explores the experiences of investors who have been influential in the financial markets and are willing to share what influenced their parachutes.


Ted Seides, CFA, is the son of a teacher and a psychiatrist. Perhaps by genetic disposition, he is passionate about sharing his insights and investing in people.

In 2017, Ted launched the Capital Allocators podcast, a series of conversations with leaders in money management about the people and process behind capital allocation.


During the hour-long podcast, Lydon discusses his early career and what drove people to buy or sell a mutual fund in those early days.

He then talked about the evolution of ETFs and today’s landscape, before diving into a diverse range of topics such as fees, distribution, and tax efficiencies to potential landmines and risks in the ETF space.


Here’s a look at the topics discussed throughout the episode:

2:01  – A look at Tom’s early career

4:52 – What drove people to buy or sell a mutual fund in those early days

5:33 – How did Tom’s sell signal just before Black Monday impact the business

6:21 – What were the right funds to invest with

6:56 – What were the key trends during the 80’s and 90’s

8:25 – Layers of cost for mutual funds in the early days

9:04 – Average active management fee back then

10:56 – Evolution of ETF’s

13:49 – Some numbers on the ETF landscape today

15:40 – Why did the last downturn foster more growth in ETFs

18:08 – The institutional presence in the ETF market

18:55 – Fees in the ETF space

19:50 – Distribution of ETFs

21:29 – Actively managed ETF’s

23:35 – Tax efficiency of ETF’s

26:42 – Judging ETF managers

31:26 – Do levered ETFs add any value

34:00 – Ted paper against levered ETFs

35:18 – Potential landmines in ETFs

38:49 – Risks in the ETF space today

42:11– How do ETFs impact pricing distortions

46:16 – What’s happening in active fixed income ETFs

47:43 – Will fund flows chase hot managers?

48:35 – The big trends on the horizon

49:52 – What happens with liquid alternatives

51:08– What are businesses have thrived in the ETF space

53:56 – A deep dive into Tom’s business ETF Trends

55:41 – Closing questions


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